Friday, April 29, 2011

Weigh-In Always Comes So Fast

It seems like my last weigh-in was just a couple of days ago, but alas, another week has already flown by! I don't really know how I'm feeling about this weigh-in. I've been tracking and drinking lots of water, plus workout out of course, but I can't get a handle on how I think I've done. Usually I can kind of tell, but today I think it could go either way. I think I'm getting sick (I have the stuffy/runny nose and sore throat) so I'm sure that may be why I'm not feeling on top of my game. I can definitely feel my hard work. My stomach is feeling a little tighter as are my legs. I'm currently sore from a week of doing a variety of new exercises so at least I can feel good with that aspect of the week. I am keeping in mind that Easter did happen, and while I am pretty proud of myself for staying away from the candy, I did splurge a bit and treated myself to some delicious food.

Overall I'm going to be optimistic about the outcome of tomorrow. I feel like even though I let myself indulge a bit on Sunday there has been enough time for me to recover from it. Think of me tomorrow morning around 10am as I step on the scale! As my mom always tells me "skinny thoughts!" haha.

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