Sunday, April 10, 2011

The First Letdown

Weigh-in for the week has come and gone and much to my surprise, I was up .8 pounds. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I was extremely upset to see a gain after a month of incredible loss. I was so angry with myself that I began crying right in front of the nonsuspecting woman that weighed me in. While I was angry, I also had to take a few things into consideration from the week.

For one, it was my "time of the month". So as with most other females I was bloated and retaining water like crazy. Weight gain is common the week that a woman is on her period and it will disappear almost as soon as it's over. Another factor could have been the fact that I started to do more strength training in my workouts. Usually I do Zumba or some form of dance-based workout to get my exercise in. In doing more strength based workouts you are working the muscles harder which, while it's really good for your body, can cause you to gain a little weight because you may gain muscle mass. I also went out to eat with my dad this week to a bar like place with virtually NOTHING incredibly healthy. I tried to do good and got a salad there, but of course it had tons of ingredients and extras (but it was so good!). All of those things considered I know I did the best I could this week.

In order to make sure I lose in my next weigh-in I just need to focus on me and what I need to do. I've already come a long way and I'm ready to go even further! I know I'm capable of staying on track and with a positive attitude and the ability to look at my first disappointment and chalk it up to a learning experience I'm going to do better this upcoming week!

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