Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take 3

Remember when I said I was tired of falling off the wagon? Remember when I said I was frustrated and ready to commit to becoming a better me? Yeah, I do to, yet I still managed to once again blow it.

However, now I am 150% ready to go at it again once and for all! Don't believe me? I wouldn't either, but trust me I am more than willing to commit on this take 3 of my body revamp. I think my main problem is that I always see it as a much more daunting task than it really is. I don't have to follow a super strict diet, or have a trainer, or starve myself, or work out until I make myself sick...I just need to be healthy and active. In my last post back in June I talked about portion control and making healthy choices and while I may act like I'm extemely confident in knowing that, it's a little harder to actually get in the mind set and do it daily.

I know the follow through is key and I am legitimately ready to do it. After realizing as the summer progresses that I am not losing weight, and may acually be gaining it, and then having a minor freak out I know this is what I need to do.

So, hello blog once again, hello portion control and healthier eating, hello exercise, hello new me!