Thursday, April 21, 2011

Setting Goals

I haven't really shared where I hope to be as I progress on my weight loss journey. To be honest, I don't really think about it that much. I'm realizing more and more that, while it is an amazing feeling to see the numbers on the scale go down, the other changes happening to my body are great as well. My rings are getting looser, my jeans fit a little better, and I can see my face thinning out. All of these are not things that are reflected directly on the scale, but they are still victories. I am also noticing changes and improvements in my fitness level. I can now power through workouts that in the beginning made me feel like I was dying. In deciding on setting goals I kept these and other non-scale victories in mind. So, I have broken my goals into scale and non-scale goals.

Scale Goals
10 % goal: 180 (-19lbs)
1st goal weight: 160lbs
2nd goal weight: 135lbs

Non-Scale Goals
shirt size: Medium
pant size: 8 or 6
short-term fitness goal: run for 10 minutes without stopping
long-term fitness goal: participate in a 5K

For my scale goals I really had to think of what's plausible for me. Weight Watchers set both my 5% goal (which I've already reached) and my 10% goal. The last two I made on my own. I hope to reach my 10% goal by May 14th. As for my 1st goal weight, I'm really taking it week by week. I think it would be do-able to reach the 160 mark by mid August. That would mean I would need to lose 27.2lbs in around 4 months. That's 1.7lbs a week for 16 weeks (still with me? haha). With the average amount I've been losing per week it is a very reachable goal. As for reaching 135lbs that may be a few months after, or a year from now. Either way I'm fine with it. 135 would be my absolute goal weight, as that is considered the healthy weight for my height. I really more than anything want to stick to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight in a healthful manner. I'm not going to obsess and try to speed the process up. When it happens it happens.

As for my non-scale goals they are more for the long-term. The size of shirts I normally wear are usually larges with some mediums sprinkled in. I would like to be able to just wear mediums all the time. Ideally I'd like to be around a size 6 for my pants. I have big hips and curves and I know those aren't going to go away, nor do I want them to. With that in mind I think being a size 6 or even an 8 would be wonderful and is probably right on target for what is plausible for my body type. The biggest feat will be reaching my fitness goals. I really hate running. It wears me out, makes me winded and makes me feel like I'm going to collapse. However, this is exactly why I want to make running both of my fitness goals. I think if I really push myself and start with baby steps (maybe something along the lines of a Couch 2 5K - C25K program). I know that I'm not going to be sprinting down the block anytime soon, but they will be nice goals to reach.

All in all the biggest thing I'm keeping in mind is that goals are just that, goals. They are not things I need to do right this very second. I need to work towards them and be smart in working to achieve them. With that in mind I know I can keep plugging along to get to where I want to be.

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