Monday, April 4, 2011

Reaching my first goal, and putting the scary numbers out there

Over the weekend I came up on my 1 month "anniversary" of joining WW and with it I reached my 5% goal! I was ecstatic! I've worked so hard and really followed my plan and listened to my body. It's a wonderful feeling to see all of that hard work paying off.

With reaching my 5% goal I feel like I may be ready to share my stats. Right after my initial weigh-in I was super embarassed of what my weight had become and that I didn't realize it had gotten out of control. I think a lot of it has to do with that fact that my body hasn't really changed. Sure I saw some changes, but my clothes all still fit and I'm the same size I've been since high school. So, this made it harder to really focus on the weight gain. Here are the numbers so far...

Intitial weight: 199lbs.
5% goal: -10lbs
10% goal: -19lbs
current weight: 189lbs, and currently at my 5% goal.

Even typing those numbers makes me cringe and I'm currently having a bout of anxiety about pushing the "Publish Post" button. But, in order to make this blog a true part of my weight loss journey I think it's important to put the numbers out there.

Now that I've lost 10 whole pounds I'm even more determined to work harder to achieve my 10% goal this month! I really think it's do-able so I'm going to go at it full force!

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  1. this is awesome katie!!!! The first ten pounds are the hardest, then it all just flies off. Just be careful not to relapse.

    It's good to keep track of it :)

    I do the slim fast diet now, i lost like 15 lbs in about 7 weeks. It's really fast and easy.
    good for breakfast

    keep it up girly :)