Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Quick Update

I've been really busy lately, but I haven't been slacking in my WLJ by any means! Here's just a quick idea of how I've been doing over the past week.

Workouts: I upped my workouts to 4 for the week. Each one was 30 minutes or longer and I switched it up between dance, cardio/aerobics, and strength training. I also finally got around to getting my bike out and riding for about 40 minutes two nights in a row. I plan on trying to get a decent bike ride in every night I can from here on out.

Eating: I didn't really cook much this week. My groceries have run out for the most part, so I'm trying to use up what I have left before venturing out for a more lengthy shopping trip. I did make this for dinner on Monday night, and it was pretty delicious. I honestly can't remember if I made anything new on Tuesday or not. Wednesday I went out to eat with a couple of friends, but I did really good, getting a little marinated chicken breast with steamed broccoli. Thursday I made a taco salad and Friday I resorted to Subway because nothing else seemes appetizing. Over all I think I did well. I've been converted to egg whites after being afraid of them for so long and honestly I think I prefer them. I also tried to eat a lot of fruit and veggies because I definitely slacked in getting them in as much as I could have the previous week.

Water: I really struggled getting a lot of my water in for much of the week. There were a couple of days where I know I got in 100 ounces easy, but others I wouldn't be surprised if the number was more around 40-60 ounces. I know getting as much water as possible in is important, but sometimes I just can't get myself to even sip on it.

Tracking: Basically, I'm still super into tracking. I don't even put anything into my body without tracking it first. I make a point to stay on plan and don't want anything to get in my way of that. Although I haven't been tracking my Saturday's because I treat them as "cheat days" (but I'll go into that in a later post).

With all that touched on I also want to give a quick glimpse of where I currently am.
Starting Weight: 199lbs
Last Week's Weight: 189.8lbs (+.8lbs)
Weigh-In: -2lbs
Current Weight: 187.8
Total Weight Loss: 11.2lbs

This week should hopefully be a little calmer, so I hope to actually devote a little time to some more in-depth posts!

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