Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick fix vs lifestlye

Yesterday morning while getting ready for work I had my t.v tuned to the Today Show. I happened to catch a segment they were doing on dieting and healthy lifestyles, and it couldn't have been more perfect. The segment was talking about how society gets so jazzed up on dieting that we totally ignore the true reasons we ever started dieting to begin with. It also went on to explain that the reson most diets are so unsuccesful and easy to put off is that we view them as quick, temporary, fixes instead of real lifestyle changes. This made a lighbulb go off, and made me realize how true that statement was.

For me personally I have never commited to a real lifestyle change. I've tried dieting, cut portions from time to time and dabbled in exercise, but never really gave my full commitment . I'm usually simply looking for something to help me shed a few pounds before going back to my "normal" habits. Ummmm HELLO?! How is that supposed to make me a healthy me? Much like the Today Show segment sang, if I, or anyone else for that matter, expects to lose weight and keep it off, I need to emerge myself in healthier choices ALWAYS. The segments health "experts" made a good point in saying that living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean eating nothing but fruits and veggies day in and day out, but realizing what is and is not good for you on a daily basis while giving yourself little opprotunities to indulge, but not over do it. This means using portion control and such daily while keeping active throughout the week, but also knowing that in doing that a small bowl of ice cream or skipping a workout won't kill you.

Since seeing that television segment I have really been reevaluating my approach to my own weight loss and personal health goals. I am now seeing that I don't need to necessarily diet to become healthy. If I am concious of what I am putting in my body and understand what "good" foods to eat more of and which "bad" foods to only eat in moderation I will do wonders in my transformation. Maybe all the time I've spent attempting to diet and "falling off the wagon" I was psyching myself out. In my head I always have pictured losing weight as all work and no play, when in reality you just have to have the dicipline to know how to take care of yourself. It's about creating a lifestyle and not a fix.

 I am going to take this whole healthy lifestyle approach towards weight loss and getting in shape. If I can live in a healthful manner from day to day no matter what I will in turn create a healthy me for the long haul.

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