Monday, June 21, 2010

Annnnnd again

Ok, ok, ok I know I SAID I was going to really commit and start my path to a new me a couple of weeks ago. Then came the start of summer jam packed full of munching by the pool, cooking out with friends, and trips to get ice cream. PATHETIC I know. But, not that all of the "oh my goodness summer weather is finally here let's pig out on hamburgers and hot dogs and chips and beer" excitement has simmered to the occassional cook out and more in the swing of things I think I can really re-dedicate myself.

Tomorrow I start my workout routine, an attempt at P90X. I'm a little nervous because it is really intense and does take a lot of commitment, but people I know that have used it speak of it in the highest regard. I know if I really want to see any change in my body I have to give my all to it, which has been the isssue lately. I'm good at making excuses for my lack of athletic activity that sound really legit, but I know that I'll get nowhere if I keep doing it.

Lately my boyfriend and I have been resorting to eating out, even though I made a huge grocery trip a week or so ago to stock up on healthy, but yummy, foods. I have been eating those and watching portions and such but even doing that when going out to eat doesn't always help. Tonight I told the boy no more, and I am attempting to make my first, real, complicated meal. Usually me cooking a nice dinner for my boyfriend includes some sort of pasta, garlic bread, and salad. I think he;s grown tired of the mold mostly because he complained about it haha. So, tonight I am making Pineapple Chicken Kabobs, Tomato Mozzerella salad, and grilled Corn on the Cob. Maybe to the more skilled cook this doesn't sound so complicated, but to me it's about to be an adventure.

I hope with this dinner tonight not only will I broaden my cooking horizons, but I will also see how (hopefully) easy it is to make delicious meals that are also pretty healthy for you. I'll give an update tonight or tomorrow on the outcome!

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