Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ok, No Really, For Real Now

When I first started this blog way back when I was determined to follow through, to make myself a healthier eater, to become a new me. I always started with good intentions but then someone would want to go out for pizza, or I just happened to stop for ice cream, or I got lazy, etc... I sat many times staring at the blank post page thinking "maybe this time will be different", but  knew it wouldn't be. So days, then weeks, then months passed and I never got back on track. I would workout here and there, try to eat healthy but still indulge way too much, I was way off from being anywhere near ready to start a weight loss journey. I promised myself I wouldn't write on this blog until I had actually started making changes and found something I was going to stick with, and now I have.

About a month ago I went to a Weight Watchers meeting with my mom just to tag along since I was home for the weekend. Then I stepped on the scale, my heart stopped, and the tears came flowing. I could not believe I was so heavy. I hadn't noticed much difference in my body before but after stepping on that scale realisty slapped me in the face. In close to a year I had gained nearly 25 pounds, TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS. My clothing sizes hadn't changed much, sure some things were snugger and didn't look as good but I still fit. This could not be real. Then I started looking at myself, really looking. My face was a little fuller, my legs a little thicker, my arms a little flabbier, my stomach a little pudgier. All the signs I had been ignoring finally sling-shotted right back to me.

All my life I've struggled with weight. I'm built much like my dad and grandma: thick, hippy, big-boned, broad shouldered. My dad is not a heavy man but he's had to work his whole life to stay in shape. I also was lucky enough to inherit some not so appealing physical qualities from my mom's side of the family: childbearing hips, flappy arms. I've spent most of my life blaming these things for my appearance and never taking responsibility myself. Then about a year ago I also began taking birth control pills, so obviously those were the problem and not me, right? I also blamed my family's eating habits (but my brothers are both string beans and very in shape). After seeing the scale, seeing the truth I realized it was me. I couldn't keep blaming other factors on my weight and weight-gain. I needed to take responsibility for myself and my body.

Right then and there I signed up for Weight Watchers and it's honestly already changed my life. I have already lost nearly 10 pounds from following the plan and I have no desire to jump ship anytime soon. I'm ready to make a change in myself and share it with anyone who may want to follow along with me.

So here I am, already feeling great about this decision and ready to finally tackle my weight issues both internally and externally. I hope to share my weight loss journey with anyone who may descide to read, and also just have a place for myself. So, once we go!

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  1. Awesome, good on you!! (I saw this post after I saw the one on the 21st) I'm a million miles away but I support you all I can. I look forward to seeing your journey using what works for you :-)